Meet Our Vendors!

Weekly Vendors


Arlotta Food Studio
Exclusive Olive Oils, made from cold-pressed, early harvested, organic California olives infused with only the finest fruits, seasonings and herbs. Their Balsamic Vinegar is aged for over 25 years and made the same way since the Middle Ages. Try their bestselling, delicious and versatile Aged Asiago and Parmesan Tapenade. Toss with pasta, spread on bread, or dip with crackers. Savor all these wonderful flavors that will effortlessly transport you to a simpler time, when food was paramount and people took time and pride in what they cooked and ate. 
Big Bang Coffee Roasters
Big Bang began with a pure love for coffee and this mission: above all else, strive to make the world a better place. This is why they start with only ethically sourced beans and pour love into consistently preparing every small-batch roast delivering the cleanest, most fulfilling cup our customers have ever savoured. This coffee binds all of us.
Carrot Top
Founded on the belief that farm sourced, small batch production always produces the finest quality. Carrot Top Kitchens provides its customers with innovative and healthy products including soups, salads, dips, hummus, jams and chutneys. They source locally and prepare their foods with the same dedication and quality that has all but vanished in today's mass produced food products.
Chef Rubeo
Chef Rubeo was born and raised in the restaurant world. He is self taught and mentored, cooking from his heart and soul. Love and passion have won local acclaim from Westchester Magazine “Best of Westchester” (twice) and New York Times rated “Very Good” (twice). And while he appreciates the praise, charity work is important to Anthony, donating his craft to The March of Dimes, PARC, and for the past three years working with the Carmel Cardinals & Support Connection raising money for Breast and Ovarian Cancer research, a cause near to his heart.
Conte's Seafood
A deep appreciation for fresh, local ingredients, is what makes Conte’s Seafood the ultimate place to taste authentic farm-to-table recipes, including Ragin Cajun Popcorn Spicy Shrimp, No Filler Blue Claw Crab Meat Cakes, Sliced Cucumber with Seared Maine Sea Scallops and Sicilian Octopus Salad with Lemon, Olive Oil and Celery. 
Deep Roots Farm
Organic & sustainable 12-acre farm, they are growers of fruits, vegetables and flowers who also make their own pickles, pesto, salsa and more.
Gaucho Burger Company
Imagine a unique but simple Latino burger joint with a diverse Latino fusion menu and a whole lot of Latino flare. Gaucho Burger Mobile brings exactly that and so much more, weekly to the market.
Green Mountain Energy
In 1997, Green Mountain was founded with the mission to change the way power is made. Over 20 years later, they remain 100% committed to this mission.
Irvington Delight
Fond memories of home-cooked meals, special recipes, a mother’s or grandmother’s “touch” with fresh, whole foods, lovingly prepared for family and friends have come alive in Irvington Delight Market, only this time all that culinary love comes from the Middle East – Jordan, in fact.
John Boy's Farm
John Boy's Farm raises registered Berkshire Pigs, Black Angus Cattle, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. The farm grows all of their own grains and grinds them fresh weekly, adding their own sourced vitamins and minerals. They only use non-GMO grains in the feed for the animals who live in the woods and out on pasture.
What’s so special about Mangalitsa by Møsefund? The taste! It comes from meticulous pasture-based farming. You may wonder why Mangalitsa costs more than other heritage pig breeds. They require nearly twice as much of everything as other pigs - more time to mature, more pasture to graze, and more feed to finish them. This is partly why the breed nearly became extinct when farmers went to cheaper, leaner, and less flavorful varieties of pork.
Ms. D's Mediterranean Delights
Delicious foods from around the world expertly prepared. Ms. D's Mediterranean Delights strives to make every meal a culinary masterpiece for your taste buds.
Pet Wants
Pet Wants dog and cat kibble are made from only the highest grade ingredients. It is packed with meat protein, which comes from chicken, lamb, salmon, turkey, duck and whitefish. There are no questionable ingredients and no artificial preservatives. Unlike many other pet foods, Pet Wants food does not contain fillers like corn. That means that all of the protein is usable by the pet, so there’s more energy in every cup. This also means their skin and coat are healthy, which reduces hot spots, itching, and shedding. The food also contains vitamins and minerals for supporting joint health as well as pre and probiotics for digestive health. There are no gimmicks, like fancy (but misleading) food names and packaging – just straightforward, nutritious and great tasting food.
Specializing in small batch "New York style" Kosher pickles, olives, relishes, and tapenade.
Plum Plums Cheese
Plum Plums Cheese offers a delicious selection of the world's best cheeses in their prime. Featuring farmstead cheeses from around the world and local seasonal favorites, in addition to artisanal organic condiments, charcuterie, sweet treats and unique handmade gifts.
Smith Acres Farm
Farmer Joe is beloved for sharing his knowledge with customers at the Greenwich Farmers’ Market. Smith's Acres is a family owned and operated farm bringing, weekly, their large variety of delicious produce to Port Chester.
St. Ex. Specialty Foods
Extensive selection of pestos, mozzarella, and breads.
Wave Hill Breads
Time. Temperature. Touch. That's all they use to make artisan loaves. Offering traditional American and European breads from crispy baguettes to tangy sourdough to flaky and buttery traditional croissants at Wave Hill Breads, they believe in making delicious artisan bread with organic whole grains.
Wrights Farm
A fifth generation family operated farm located in Gardiner NY. Their 453 acre farm produces 100,000 bushels of apples annually. In addition to apples, they also grow cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, berries, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, and more. At the market they offer a huge selection of homemade baked goods, including pies, cookies, fruit breads, and our famous apple cider donuts.

Biweekly Vendors


Baked Vegan
Baked Vegan is a home-based 100% vegan bakery run by Catherine Rios. A self-taught baker based in Westchester County, Baked Vegan specializes in decadent desserts such as pastries, cookies, pies, bars, and more!
Conant Valley Jams
Maker and purveyor of Handmade Artisanal Jams.
Dam Good English Muffins
Dam Good English Muffins are handmade for goodness sake! Available in White, Cinnamon Swirl, Honey Wheat & VEGAN varieties.
Gaia's Breath Farm
A simple farming mission: to produce farmstead quality food that nourishes one’s body and soul with organic and biodynamic practices.
La Petite Occasion
Offering caramels & toffees, La Petite Occasion is a small-batch, farm-based confection artisan company who handcrafts these sweets from local ingredients of the highest quality.
Land of Cake Believe
A bad day can turn into a good day in the time it takes for someone to put a slice of cake in front of you. Now, if a plain old slice of cake can do that, imagine what a special cake, hand crafted and baked from scratch, a cake that looks amazing and tastes divine can do for a room full of people. Not just any cake, but a cake that looks great and tastes even better.
Ms. Patti's Bakery
Offering small batch gluten-free baked goods.
NY Chup
Their ketchup is made by chef Andy Blackman, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. Andy has over 30 years of professional experience in making delicious food. The all natural ketchup is sweetened with pure cane sugar and unsulphured molasses. We hope you enjoy their all natural “chup.”
Nick the Knife
Offers on site knife sharpening.
Petropoulos Family Groves
Olive oil straight from the Petropoulos Family Groves in Kalamata, Greece. The groves have been in the family for generations. No pesticides, plant foods or fertilizers used, the trees grow with just rainwater and sunlight.
Red Barn Bakery
Committed to baking with the freshest local and organic ingredients, their seasonally appropriate baked goods are highly sought after.
The Life I Picked
Locally sourced, small batch, seasonal jelly and preserves made in Columbia County, NY.
Wicked Good Soap
Natural hand crafted goat milk soap as well as fragrance/pigment-free bars and a variety of fragrances derived from essential and fragrance oils that include seasonal scents and year round favorites from airy florals to earthy musks. They also love blending and swirling natural pigments and botanicals in to their soaps always trying new ideas and methods to craft a unique bar that you are sure to enjoy ~ Just add water!
Will Yum Spice
Their superior spices have... NO Preservatives, NO Anti Caking Agents, NO MSG. They are committed to sharing our love for flavorful, savory foods while enjoying and providing resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Monthly Vendors


Luxx Chocolat
Decadently delicious chocolate and handcrafted artistry is Luxx Chocolat. Created using the world's finest chocolate and the highest quality, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients - no preservatives, no artificial flavors.